Delirium – Lauren Oliver

This is not a book I expected to read let alone like. But I like. A few disclaimers. Ps. 3… pumpkins, let’s be festive.

I did not finish the book, I stopped a little past half way, I might not go back and finish it, I know what happens at the end, and I know everything that happens in the second book.

Let’s start with what the book is about. This is about a dystopian society where love is a disease. At 18, people are cured from love. Love is toxic, causes death, apparently it’s hereditary and contagious.. haha. It follows Lena pre-cure where she obviously falls in love.

What I liked about this book. It was a pretty light fluffy read, from what I’ve read at least. It’s nice to read a little love story after everything else I’ve been reading. I have to say I did start liking Alex, which is one of the reasons I stopped reading. I found myself getting attached to this book, something I didn’t expect. Anyway, I love Hana, like I want to be her friend, and one of the things I really connected with in the book was when Lena and Hana started drifting apart. I had a falling out with a close friend, and it does hurt.

What I didn’t like, there were some parts that dragged where I just kind of skimmed. Mainly the parts with her and her aunt and uncle, and other little family members. Also Lena did get a little annoying at times, like how she’s constantly like my mom, my mom. I mean Hana is right she needs to stop being such a scardy cat.

I thought it was refreshing to read a dystopian book where the protagonist actually believes in the society and agrees with it. It’s not insta-rebellion. You see things from a different perspective where their world, functions and works, and benefits the people.

Why I stopped reading. I did not want to read the ending. I was getting attached and I KNEW what happened in the end, in fact, I actually read like the last page a while back before I started reading the book. I thought if I read the last page, I would be prepared, but I knew that if I kept reading, and kept getting attached to Alex in the end I would end up doing this…

why Alex? WHY??

I also know what happens in the second book. I know that Alex doesn’t die, I know Alex is alive. I also know that Lena falls in love with someone else, I also know that Lena saves this other guy but doesn’t even try to look for Alex. It breaks my heart already and I hate when books break my heart. So that’s why I stopped reading.

This was a pretty good book, a nice read, nothing cray so that’s why I gave it 3 pumpkins. Definitely not as bad or juvenile as I thought it would be though.


The Best Book You Will Ever Read

I’m on a bit of a reading pause because well… I’m actually busy working on a project but the books I’m currently reading are High School Confidential, The Thirteenth Tale, and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, along with A Game of Thrones (put down for a while because it was getting kind of intense and I needed a breather hahaha).

I realized I haven’t done a review of this book, so while on my reading pause I thought I would post this because otherwise I would have no post for like a month or more. So, here it is, the best book you will ever read is…

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Oh my goodness. This book is about anorexia from the perspective of our main character Lia. In this small book, we travel from the beginning to the end of Lia’s journey through winterland. From the days she spent with her best friend Cassie, her visits to a rehabilitation center, her craving for food, to the intensity of how far she will go.

Wintergirls is so beautifully written. The imagery, the emotion, the craving, the heaviness, it’s all so beautifully narrated and portrayed. This is the one book I’ve read cover to cover more than a dozen times. The one book I can pick up and enjoy and fall in love with every time. This book isn’t just a book about eating disorders. It’s a work of art. It brings new meaning to being a writer.

Throughout the book you feel for Lia, you almost agree with her, and you want her to be happy. I just wanted to reach out and hold her hand and tell her it’s ok. The way Anderson wrote this book made Lia’s mind seem so beautiful, even though it was deteriorating.

Needless to say, 5 stars. It really is one of the best books I’ve EVER read.


So I follow this person on goodreads that writes really good and funny reviews of books. I read her review on Divergent because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it, and her review of Legend was pretty spot on. I read this part…

“First off, we are never told when and how the factions came into being. We are simply told that Candor (the honest), Abnegation (the selfless), Dauntless (the brave), Amity (the peaceful), and Erudite (the intelligent) were created to ensure that society functions efficiently and to prevent war. Well guess what. That makes no sense at all. Because by their very existence, structure, and way of living the factions promote things like segregation, discrimination, inequality, oppression, and competing belief systems. Sound familiar? They should. After all, they are the leading causes of discord & war among human civilizations throughout history. What a way to shoot yourself in the foot while simultaneously getting butted in the face by your gun’s recoil. Bravo!”

OMG. I didn’t even realize that!!! SO TRUE!!! I can’t believe people haven’t realized this sooner, and the book made it to #1 bestsellers list.

Well that curves my curiosity to read it. So I probs won’t read it now. But yeah, I just thought that was so interesting and completely true so I wanted to make a quickie post on it.

Unfinished Business

So.. I have a few books I’ve started reading but coudn’t finish. One of the books is “Beneath the Glitter by Elle and Blair Fowler” but because I read most of it slash had a bit to say I just made it a post itself. So here is a post of a few books I started and couldn’t finish.

Sisters Red – Jackson Pearce
SO…. this book is about 2 sisters that fight off fenris aka werewolves after being traumatized by an attack earlier in their lives. Scarlet lost an eye, just sayin. What turned me off from this book is the first 2 chapters or so. It started out ok I guess, Scarlet is fighting a fenris which was interesting. But what made me put it down is this line where it’s her younger sister Rosie and she sees Scarlet’s bff slash a family friend in general, Silas, and says something along the lines of he looks older, and hotter, and his jawline is harder… and then he picks her up and she blushes and that’s where I put down the book. I couldn’t take it seriously and looked like this the entire time.

The Selection – Kiera Cass
The Bachelor for kids. A prince is looking for his next princess. UGH This book was so baadddd. So corny, so obvious, so overdone. From America offering her friendship, to the prince finding her in the garden, to their forbidden alone time, to the obvious sexual tension… it just made me cringe slash I really couldn’t stop laughing at it.

Legend – Marie Lu
Following the hype and my curiosity, I picked this book up at the library, and thank god I didn’t purchase it. This book is about a criminal Day and June a prodigal government working out to catch him and avenge her brother’s death. Let’s start with the format… Day’s font/color/size really bothered me! I just feel like I’m reading a children’s book when I look at it. What turned me off this book is again the first few chapters. Too much is revealed in the first 2 pages. Day basically comes out and says I’m the most wanted because blah blah blah, that’s why, because I make them look bad. It’s just written pretty juvenilely and sounded pretentious. When I got to June, I rolled my eyes when she was basically talking herself up, I scored the highest in.. EVER, I’m a prodigy, I work in the highest place in the Republic. It was too perfect, too pretentious, and too… gross. Already it was un-relatable, and with them being 15 and acting all… ‘yay me’, I couldn’t take it seriously. I read in a review that the characters are so flawless that they make you think they poop rainbows and fart glitter. SO TRUE. I had to put it down because I felt like this…

Which made me want to do this…

Well.. that’s all for books I couldn’t finish. Usually I just force myself to finish the book, but for every rule an exception right?

Crank – Ellen Hopkins

I finally picked up this book at HPB today and finished it in a matter of hours. I picked it up because I was curious as to how the addiction and feeling of meth would be described, and also because the book is actually written in poems. Free prose I think? I give it 3.5/5.

This book is about Kristina and her alter ego Bree. Kristina is run of the mill plain. She gets good grades, doesn’t run with the bad crowd, and is basically just invisible. Her family is pretty weird, her dad is messed up and I actually pity him, her mom is ok I guess and her step dad is quite ok as well. When she visits her dad for the first time in like 8 years she meets a guy and gets hooked on meth. After which is a series of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

The sad parts, Kristina getting raped by Brendan and having his baby, reading about her dad’s pathetic life, and when she briefly became a dealer.

I liked the description I guess. The way she weaves in the no appetite, the smoking, the after effects of meth. But also how she explained the feeling of ecstasy. Not the way you would expect to hear it like it was bad, it fucked me up, blah blah blah. But the way she described it in the moment how she felt good I guess. But then the fallout later is kind of what reminds you how bad it really it. But it was refreshing to read something for what it is and not some lame no drugs execution.

For being free poems it was pretty dense. I’m surprised with how much Ellen Hopkins could say in such few words. It really felt like I was reading a book and not a series of poems.

The description of feeling reminded me of Wintergirls AKA my favorite book by Laurie Halse Anderson, which I liked.

I came to really like Chase, he wasn’t the jerkbag I expected him to be because of all the other guys she was hooking up with. And I felt kind of bad because I don’t think she liked him as much as he liked her. Mainly because her main attraction was to drugs.

Finally Robyn. I actually kind of liked her. Let me semi-rephrase. I liked the idea of her. I liked the idea of a friend where all the shit that happens kind of binds you together. I like the idea of laughing at random shit and just doing things you have in common together. I guess I just don’t have any friends like that.

The ending was a bit of a cliffhanger and good because it wasn’t the typical fairy tale ending. The I stopped doing meth for my son. It was true to life to an addict where she says that the door was opening again.