Life After Theft – Aprilynne Pike

I got this book on my kindle on a deal. I give it 3/5 stars.

16065465Alright let’s get this shit done.

Girl dies, haunts boy, girl is klepto needs to return things she stole to move on, chaos ensues.

Likes: the writing style and the voice. I just enjoyed reading it. I rarely glazed over thing, because the voice and the way it was written was fun. I liked the storyline as well.

Dislike: Ending was so unsatisfying. I don’t even know. I also wished that Sera had been more of a bad person than just an antagonized person. Like I wish she was the one that turned in Kheil or something. Or secretly orchestrating something. Because that’s the only thing that kind of make me still interested in her. But by the end I was just eh, this girl is your typical perfect damsel in distress.


Spoiled – Heather Cocks, Jessica Morgan

Did not finish. 2/5.

9415966This book follows Molly and Brooke. Half sisters. Molly is poor and the love child of an actor and a costume designer, Brooke is the rich daughter of an actor with an unpresent mother.

I’ve heard good reviews and I liked it while it lasted but I found myself being really annoyed. I felt like this book was like, ‘be on Molly’s side’, ‘Brooke is a spoiled bitch’.

And to be honest I’m fucking sick of the poor girl being like the one antagonized and being the kicked fucking puppy. Which is weird because I would be the poor girl.

To be honest I felt more sympathy for Brooke. Poor girl had like fucking everything taken from her. I mean her father is being a heartless fucking dick. Yes, Brooke did some bitchy things and was you’re typical Blair Waldorf, but damn. I mean it’s her and her dad and all of a sudden this girl shows up and it’s his lost puppy. And the whole play thing that he did was like, I felt like I was being slapped in the face as Brooke. I don’t know if I’m making sense, but damn. I mean she just wanted to make her dad proud and she had this one play thing, and then her dad has Molly come and take part in the play too.

That’s all I want to say because I’m lazy, but yeah, just kind of fed up with the storyline, and I could kind of tell where it’s headed. Disinterested.

This is How You Lose Her – Junot Dìaz


13503109OMG Junot Dìaz is… a genius. If you’re going to read this, I highly recommend reading it with the audiobook in which Mr.Dìaz narrates.

This book loosely follow Yunior throughout his many failed relationships. Honestly he just kind of makes the same mistakes over and over.

What is great about this book is that it’s so real. I mean the storyline, the reactions, the way responses, the actions, everything was so real.

Junot’s voice is so refreshing and so well written. I mean it was just so enjoyable to read!

I have nothing but good things to say about this book and Junot Dìaz. I will definitely be reading all of his books.

Reboot – Amy Tintera

Off the bat, I can’t finish this book. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that I’ve lost interest.

This is going to be a quickie. From what I read I give it 2/5 stars.

13517455 Ok so in this world, some people die and reboot. The longer you’re dead, the stronger/less human you become. Wren is 178 and takes on 22 Callum. Romance and chaos ensues.

The beginning was fun. I enjoyed it, but it was just lacking in a lot of ways. I read about half and just gave up. Some lines were fun but most parts were just… predictable? Just what you would expect for to happen to be honest. And I felt like it wasn’t getting unpredictable or surprising. I feel like in the end it’s just this dystopia/rebellious ending that’s going to happen just like every other dystopian YA book. I think this book would be great for people that really do enjoy that in a book and aren’t sick of it… otherwise…

That’s all.

Dreamland – Sarah Dessen

I’m not the biggest fan of Sarah Dessen. I did not enjoy Lock and Key and This Lullaby. I thought they were bland and like almost formulaic. But I REALLY liked Dreamland. Maybe because I could totally relate to Caitlin. Not in the domestic violence way.

4325Caitlin’s sister has run away and left Caitlin in kind of this nothingness. Her life is at a standstill. She meets Rogerson, they start dating, and he starts beating her. That’s basically what this story is about. Sounds lame, but I’m just doing a bad job at summarizing.

This book passed on clouds. I mean it just drifted so well. Caitlin is peeling away from reality. You could feel it, Caitlin could feel it, and she knows that she is. Everything is dull and fuzzy, and she likes the feeling of not being ‘awake’. She meets Rogerson and it’s good, but then he starts beating her. Pushes when she’s late, punches when she doesn’t answer the phone. She explains that like, she can’t be late because Rogerson gets mad. Or she can’t talk to her friend, because he’ll feel paranoid. The way Dessen wrote this was in a way you could relate. I mean I felt tension and uneasiness when Caitlin did, but I understood why she just put up with it. Because it was just easier, and it was sometimes. I understood. I know what it’s like in dreamland and I understand that sometimes the bad is just not even worth fighting against, to just take it and soak in the nothingness.

I loved this book because not only did it totally hit all the strings I can relate to in ‘dreamland’ but there were little things that just, that were just good. Like I fell in love with Corinna and her silver bracelets. I really liked it, I completely relate to Caitlin! Just not on the domestic violence. I only gave it 4/5 because I just didn’t feel it was shining perfection, but it was damn near it.