Modern YA

Lately I’ve been getting really irritated at the amount of hype, press, and attention certain YA books have been getting.

I don’t understand these authors and their need to write violent shit all the fucking time. I’m not trying to be a prick or anything and I wouldn’t snatch these books from children or ban them but I definitely won’t promote or support them. There are a lot of components to my reasoning so I’ll just go in bullet points.

one: the obvious, the violence. I mean if you think about it YA is about kids that are 14-17, targeted to kids 14-17, and these characters are wielding guns. To give you an idea 14-17 is basically high school, and these high school students are using guns, legit guns, I mean, rifles, pistols, and snipers. Let that sink in. These kids are also being trained to kill, usually by the government. I can’t even.

two: speaking of the government, I understand this craze with dystopia but damn. Why are people so sure that the government will be overthrown and powered by fucking megalomaniacs? This is a smaller issue I have with YA books, but I have to say that as a proud American who believes in the government, it makes me irritated when all these books are just saying America is going to go to shit, where people are treated like shit and rebel and overthrow the government.

three: “strong female leads” is what these books describe. ABSOLUTELY DISAGREE. What the fuck are these people thinking? Strong fucking female lead my ass. The apparent strong female leads are basically hot girls with maybe a few faults, who can either, a) kill with no remorse, or b) just plain kill or kick ass. How is that a strong female lead? I mean people give a girl basically the abilities of a dude and slap on the title of a strong female. Yeah I mean, if a girl can do a guys shit that makes us strong right? What the fuck is that? I mean is what a guy does the standard for what ‘strong’ is?

four: back to weapons. By saying a girl is kick ass for using a gun or sniper or whatever, and being able to kill someone, and treating guns as these awesome innovations that are superdupercool, the authors are glamorizing weaponry to children. Making guns cool, people who use guns cool, people who can throw knives cool, and people who have no fear, can fight, can kill, what have you, is cool. Esp. after things like Columbine, Virginia Tech, Boston bombing, murders committed daily. I mean, guns take lives, they KILL people, and what people that can use them, underage is cool and glamorized. What the fuck.

five: violence vs. sex. Honestly I have absolutely nothing against sex in books. Sex is sex. It’s a part of life and something we do as humans. I think portraying sexual angst in teen books is much more realistic and unoffensive than weaponry. For example, John Green’s books. It’s ridiculous that books that glamorize guns and killing and needless violence is put on display and advertised but books with sex are banned. LET THAT SINK IN. (Ex: I would rather have my teenage kid have sex, that use guns.)


Disclaimer: These issues make me uncomfortable and upset me that they’re seen as “you’re such a reader, you’re a book lover, bookworm, and literate because you read all of these books”. But I wouldn’t stop people from reading them if they want to, I wouldn’t ban the books from libraries or schools, and I certainly wouldn’t discourage reading. What I’m trying to say is what I said above doesn’t mean the Hunger Games wasn’t exciting to read, or books like Divergent or Legend are bad or unenjoyable books, but I really think people are being blinded by the glamour and action to see what the authors are really writing, what teens are reading, and what kinds of thoughts/opinions are induced in by these books.

Some examples of needless violent books:
– Hunger Games (LITERALLY, children killing fucking children)
– Legend
– Divergent
– Grave Mercy (This one I’m really against because the point of the book is that this girl is an assassin and works for the devil, killing people in his favor. LITERALLY deciding the fate of others. [good guys or bad guys, we don’t hold the fate of their lives, esp. children])
– Reboot (the girl is cool because she can kill without remorse? This one is iffy because the girl isn’t actually supposed to be human, but still the act of killing without remorse is fucking wrong, man.)

Books that are actually good YA books without violence to make it cool.
– Somethings Strange and Deadly
– Delirium (An example of, dystopia doesn’t need guns to succeed)
– Anna and the French Kiss (the writing is actually refreshing and fun)
– The Diviners
– Life After Theft
– The Girl of Fire and Thorns (I didn’t absolutely love this book, but the protagonist is truly a STRONG FEMALE LEAD)


woo. that was a lot. but i had to get it off my chest.


Coming Clean: A Memoir – Kimberly Rae Miller

This book was really good. Depressing and heart wrenching, but damn. Shit’s good, man. 5/5.

682bd56f-0fa8-4508-8673-a880d2759daf_coming-clean-kimberly-rae-millerSo this is a memoir about Kimberly’s life growing up with her hoarding father. Starting from when she was young and growing up all the way to adulthood (30’s) she goes through all the painful and conflicts episodes of her life.

What was really good about this book was how it described how she felt. It could have been easy to write off that her father and mother were the problems and make them out to be the villains, but she does a really good job at showing how they were her parents and she felt protective of them and how as angry as she would get, she would still love them.

I have to say I did get really angry at times, I mean damn, they just, it was like this torturous cycle, but at the same time, I totally understood why she couldn’t hate them. The need to protect her parents and doing whatever she had to do, no matter how much she didn’t want to, because she couldn’t NOT do it.

I’m not doing this book justice and am kind of failing at explaining this book, but it was really, just so good.