Coming Clean: A Memoir – Kimberly Rae Miller

This book was really good. Depressing and heart wrenching, but damn. Shit’s good, man. 5/5.

682bd56f-0fa8-4508-8673-a880d2759daf_coming-clean-kimberly-rae-millerSo this is a memoir about Kimberly’s life growing up with her hoarding father. Starting from when she was young and growing up all the way to adulthood (30’s) she goes through all the painful and conflicts episodes of her life.

What was really good about this book was how it described how she felt. It could have been easy to write off that her father and mother were the problems and make them out to be the villains, but she does a really good job at showing how they were her parents and she felt protective of them and how as angry as she would get, she would still love them.

I have to say I did get really angry at times, I mean damn, they just, it was like this torturous cycle, but at the same time, I totally understood why she couldn’t hate them. The need to protect her parents and doing whatever she had to do, no matter how much she didn’t want to, because she couldn’t NOT do it.

I’m not doing this book justice and am kind of failing at explaining this book, but it was really, just so good.


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