Reboot – Amy Tintera

Off the bat, I can’t finish this book. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that I’ve lost interest.

This is going to be a quickie. From what I read I give it 2/5 stars.

13517455 Ok so in this world, some people die and reboot. The longer you’re dead, the stronger/less human you become. Wren is 178 and takes on 22 Callum. Romance and chaos ensues.

The beginning was fun. I enjoyed it, but it was just lacking in a lot of ways. I read about half and just gave up. Some lines were fun but most parts were just… predictable? Just what you would expect for to happen to be honest. And I felt like it wasn’t getting unpredictable or surprising. I feel like in the end it’s just this dystopia/rebellious ending that’s going to happen just like every other dystopian YA book. I think this book would be great for people that really do enjoy that in a book and aren’t sick of it… otherwise…

That’s all.


Dreamland – Sarah Dessen

I’m not the biggest fan of Sarah Dessen. I did not enjoy Lock and Key and This Lullaby. I thought they were bland and like almost formulaic. But I REALLY liked Dreamland. Maybe because I could totally relate to Caitlin. Not in the domestic violence way.

4325Caitlin’s sister has run away and left Caitlin in kind of this nothingness. Her life is at a standstill. She meets Rogerson, they start dating, and he starts beating her. That’s basically what this story is about. Sounds lame, but I’m just doing a bad job at summarizing.

This book passed on clouds. I mean it just drifted so well. Caitlin is peeling away from reality. You could feel it, Caitlin could feel it, and she knows that she is. Everything is dull and fuzzy, and she likes the feeling of not being ‘awake’. She meets Rogerson and it’s good, but then he starts beating her. Pushes when she’s late, punches when she doesn’t answer the phone. She explains that like, she can’t be late because Rogerson gets mad. Or she can’t talk to her friend, because he’ll feel paranoid. The way Dessen wrote this was in a way you could relate. I mean I felt tension and uneasiness when Caitlin did, but I understood why she just put up with it. Because it was just easier, and it was sometimes. I understood. I know what it’s like in dreamland and I understand that sometimes the bad is just not even worth fighting against, to just take it and soak in the nothingness.

I loved this book because not only did it totally hit all the strings I can relate to in ‘dreamland’ but there were little things that just, that were just good. Like I fell in love with Corinna and her silver bracelets. I really liked it, I completely relate to Caitlin! Just not on the domestic violence. I only gave it 4/5 because I just didn’t feel it was shining perfection, but it was damn near it.

Something Strange and Deadly – Susan Dennard

OK so the title was a bit off putting because damn, wtf. Something strange and deadly? Anyway, I picked this up because it was $1.99 on amazon for the kindle edition and I was looking for a YA book so I thought, why the fuck not?

Despite the fucking weird ass title, I give it 3/5 stars.

9859436Eleanor Fitt’s brother is missing and something strange and deadly is out there killing people. She turns to these spirit hunters to fight off the dead in hopes to find her brother.

I actually enjoyed the book. I read it a while ago, and it didn’t leave a super lasting impression on me, but I know I actually liked it. It was a fun read, wasn’t oozing with romance, and I found myself enjoying the 1800’s setting.

What I liked about this book is that, as I said, it wasn’t like fluffy romance that you find in typical YA books. UGH! I feel terrible because I actually did like this book but I FUCKING FORGOT WHY! WTF!!

One thing I did like was that Eleanor lost her hand. I mean shit, that stuff doesn’t happen in YA, and it was refreshing to see happen to the main protagonist, much less a girl because they’re supposed to be perfect creatures that shit rainbows, yanoe?

A few things I didn’t like that I remember is, and theses are the only things, because I don’t want to rag on the book. One, some of the description and action sequences, I found myself glazing past them. Two, the ‘twist’ AKA her brother being the necromancer was kind of not surprising, I mean she kind of just laid it out there. Three, if I hear Eleanor say ‘missfit/misfit’ one more time….

That’s all. Yes I will read the next book. No I will not be reading the e-novella. And yes, I will probably wait until the second book is on some deal where I can get it for under $5.

Into the Darkest Corner – Elizabeth Haynes

Oh man… I read this a long time ago, so I’m not sure my review will be… as detailed.

I definitely gave this book a 5/5 when I finished it, but looking back I think I’d rather give it 4/5.

Let’s start with a summary…

9226039 There’s Cathy and Catherine. Cathy is the ghost of who she was 3 or 4 years prior. The story oscillates between Cathy, now and Catherine, then. Catherine was an outgoing woman who slept around and one night met Lee. Throughout the book, you start to see who Lee really is and how he treats Catherine. Four years later, Cathy receives a call that Lee is out of prison. Cathy is a paranoid mess with OCD and PTSD. Lee is out, she meets cute neighbor Scott, chaos and romance ensues.

What I really liked about this book and what really accounted for the 3 out of 4 stars was how the OCD was written. I feel like it’s really hard to explain, but Elizabeth Haynes kind of wrote it just really well. She said everything differently but kept little things the same like, the door being flush with the frame, or the tea being the perfect shade. She would reiterate these compulsions differently but made it clear that it was exactly the same. If that makes sense.

The storyline really kind of is like a lifetime movie and could have gone so corny so easily but it was really good. I could feel and understand how Catherine felt when she was with Lee and little things that were in the book just creeped me the fuck out. I have to say some of the domestic violence parts were uncomfortable to read but nothing that I had to skip over because it was too gruesome.

Looking back on it, I guess I knocked it a star because I kind of wish there was a deeper… something, just something extra. Not to say it was a shallow book.

I really enjoyed the book, I finished it in one sitting, and I will be reading more of her books.

Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi

No, I did not finish this book. I stopped obviously. But I did have a few things I wanted to say about the book.

I have to say I didn’t hate it right off the bad as I thought I would. I have to say that I kind of like it. Well, ok it’s hard to explain. I liked the way the main girl would answer they guy’s questions in her head, but she wouldn’t exactly say anything, how she was kind of reserved, because I can relate to that. I answer questions in my head, and I don’t exactly say them, because well, I just don’t feel like having a conversation, but that’s just me. I think the format, the “poetic-ness” would have fit much better, and would have been soooo much better if the girl was legitimately insane, like if she was mentally unhealthy and was semi crazy, god, then it would have been awesome. BUT thus she is not.

What went wrong with this book is just so over powering. One it’s too lyrical. It’s like she was trying to recreate Laurie Halse Anderson’s Wintergirls with the whole “I am not crazy” thing, but no. Like just no. Wintergirls, Lia was actually mentally unhealthy and the way that she thought, the way things went through her mind was different so how the book was written was going to be different. This girl is normal, or probably perfect. More things that went wrong? Her name is Juliette, need I say more? Oh wait, yes I do. “My touch is lethal, my touch is power.” NOW DO I NEED TO SAY MORE? Anyway, I can’t help think that this book could have been so good.

Sorry this is so short and kind of written really sloppily, but I’m in the midst of a project right now and I just wanted to give my two cents.